I am Brad Bergman, a multi-talented Digital Artist and Art Director with 18 years of experience, 9 of which have been focused on Design Management. I have experience in leading internal and external teams to deliver stunning visual and consumer-focused design solutions, consistently demonstrating success in managing multi-disciplinary design projects from concept to completion to ensure alignment with brand identity and strategic goals. I have extensive experience in UX design, digital/print design, animation/video, and creative/design thinking. My passion lies in enhancing collaboration, driving innovation, and optimizing design processes for superior performance. As a strong communicator with a sharp eye for detail, I create engaging designs that resonate with targeted audiences. I am always committed to continuous improvement and staying aware of ever-evolving trends to ensure advanced design practices that keep brands fresh and relevant.
Creative / Design Strategy  |  Brand Development  |  Visual Brand Strategy  |  Global Design Management  |  Team Building & Leadership  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Design Thinking  |  Package Design  |  Structural Package Design  |  Innovation Conceptualization  |  3D Modeling  |  Illustration  |  Animation  |  Video Editing  |  Story Boarding  |  Photo Retouching  |  Color Theory & Management  |  Print Production