Led and supported our agency partners in the creation of the sub-brand VBL and packaging for Advil Targeted Relief, Advil's innovative new line of topical pain relief products. This groundbreaking project marks a significant expansion beyond Advil's traditional oral medication offerings, requiring a fresh and strategic approach to branding and packaging. Our team meticulously developed the VBL sub-brand, ensuring it communicated the targeted efficacy and convenience of the topical solutions while maintaining the trusted Advil identity.
The packaging design process was comprehensive, incorporating user-friendly elements and clear, impactful visuals that highlight the product's unique benefits. By collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, we ensured alignment with Advil's brand standards and strategic objectives. This project not only introduced a visually compelling and market-ready packaging solution but also reinforced Advil’s commitment to innovation in pain relief, successfully broadening its market presence and consumer appeal.
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